BW Photo Website Picture1Terry Bradford-Crane, MBA, CFP® began her career as a financial adviser and certified financial manager with Merrill Lynch in 1998 where she managed a multi-million dollar book of cash and securities for high net worth individuals and businesses.   She regularly performed individual financial plan presentations to clients and developed and implemented financial planning strategies for cash and debt management, education planning, retirement planning, risk management, tax planning and estate planning.  In August 2004 she established BradfordCrane Company to be a business platform to educate individuals on investment topics, inspire investors to reach for their own financial independence, deliver presentations on portfolio development and the “art” of selecting an appropriate financial advisor, and provide pro bono financial planning advice to organizations and individuals.  Her commitment to financial literacy is evident in her community involvement over the years as a volunteer and guest speaker for several advisory boards and mentoring programs.  She is a principal member and financial officer of Allied Approach Group, LLC, an aviation test and evaluation consulting firm where she manages the financial aspects of a portfolio of experimental flight test and support projects.  She has a Master of Business Administration (Financial Planning) from California Lutheran University and is an adjunct faculty member for the California Lutheran University MBA in Financial Planning Program.  In addition to establishing the Kitsap Peninsula Financial Planning Study Group, she volunteers for the Foundation for Financial Planning and is the owner and editor of PeaceOfMindWaypoints.com.  Ms. Bradford-Crane is a CFP® Certificant and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Puget Sound.  

BradfordCrane Company Code of Ethics

BradfordCrane Company:

  1. Is committed to providing advisory services with the utmost candor, honesty and compassion.
  2. Will maintain objective perspective as a trusted advisor in the client’s quest for financial empowerment through providing opportunities for client education in advisory process and pursuit of client financial goals and objectives.
  3. Will endeavor to engage clients in a manner that places the utmost importance on understanding their personal financial goals and subsequently, competently implementing communication, research, and planning skill sets to develop a roadmap to reach stated goals.  If BradfordCrane Company does not have a skill set required to provide a particular advisory need with integrity and objectivity, the Company I will endeavor to find an appropriate resource for the client.
  4. Aims to develop professional advisory relationships that emphasize fairness in treatment, communication, compensation and disclosure of conflicts of interest.
  5. Will not sell your personal information to anyone. Client non-public information will remain confidential and will not be released unless BradfordCrane Company is given permission to release the information, or as permitted or required by law.
  6. Is dedicated to devoting volunteer time in the community in the interest of educating and mentoring our youth, protecting our natural environments, and providing pro-bono services for underserved communities.
  7. Provides professional financial advisory services and serve the community with dignity, courtesy and diligence in a manner that promotes dignity, courtesy and diligence in others.

BradfordCrane Company LLC Brochure January 2023

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