A Conversation with Annalee Kruger, founder of Care Right, Inc.

I had a wonderful time talking about my relationship with money over the years, financial caretaking, what I call "cultural capital", with Annalee Kruger, founder of CareRight, Inc., a company that offers "white glove", comprehensive, senior care planning services.  #money #planning #eldercareservices #carerightinc #annaleekruger #culturalcapital #financialplanning #cfp Enjoy! Solutions for the Caregiver Crisis Podcast Click here to download episode. Terry

Diversity, Aging, and Unexpected Waypoints

To face the challenge of navigating to and past various waypoints, an individual may be the educator or the student…the planner or the client...or any combination of these four roles.

A Conversation About Financial Planning with Stevonne Fuller

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com Stevonne Fuller is an encourager. She is the owner and host of Antithesis of Superwoman(TM) podcast and on a mission to "provide encouragement to the overwhelmed... to share motivation, love and honesty on a global scale to help people transition from overwhelmed to overjoyed with grace...and in doing so, … Continue reading A Conversation About Financial Planning with Stevonne Fuller

Conditioning for Retirement Spending

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Athletes know that conditioning matters. Sports conditioning improves overall athletic performance and reduces the potential for or prevents athletic injuries. During conditioning, whether "in" or "out" of season, you are working on strengthening mind and body to achieve your personal goals. Run faster. Jump further. Lift more. Kick harder. Throw … Continue reading Conditioning for Retirement Spending

Don’t Make Resolutions. Be your own “vinedresser”.

Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com Bottom line up front:  Collectively, generally:  we have too much “stuff!”  We have too much mental stuff, too much social stuff, too much emotional stuff, and too much material stuff.  In my mind’s eye, I cue George Carlin’s classic stand-up comedy routine on “stuff”.    A resolution is a … Continue reading Don’t Make Resolutions. Be your own “vinedresser”.