Your Cyberspace Assets

Photo by Markus Spiske on I am always fascinated by a great action packed or science fiction movie that appears to foreshadow the direction our country is going when it comes to technology, global geo-political-military affairs, or the human condition and how we relate to each other.  Whether it’s Soylent Green and the … Continue reading Your Cyberspace Assets

Decluttering For Dollars

Wow!  My heart jumps with just a little bit of excitement when I discover some cash in the pocket of a jacket that I have not donned for a couple of years.  Have you ever picked up laundry from your local drycleaner to find a twenty-dollar bill pinned to the claim check!? Winning!  (Insert visual … Continue reading Decluttering For Dollars


A waypoint is a point of interest or an intermediate stop along a journey.  Ideally, the relevant waypoints have been determined and the final destination has been identified BEFORE a journey begins.  What we have to remember is that in financial planning, as it arguably is with all planning, a waypoint is not a final … Continue reading Waypoints